.500 Bushwhacker Conversions  

At our operation, the customer supplies the base gun (in this context, a long cylinder Magnum Research BFR. With regard to other suitable platforms, such as the Ruger No. 1 or Thompson Center Encore, consultation must precede a quote). A standard conversion entails:  

1. Rechambering the revolver to .500 Bushwhacker and relettering the barrel.  

2. The fitting and installation of a Ti Pro 5 muzzle brake. 

3. The fitting and installation of a steel 2 Dogs front sight by Fermin Garza. These sights are a taller, higher quality product than the factory aluminum BFR sights, and allow the user to fine-tune point of impact with a broader range of ammunition. If you already have a .500 Bushwhacker revolver and would like a 2 Dogs front sight adapted to suit your firearm, we can assist you with this also.

4. The addition of a new rear sight and rear sight riser, as well as the reinstallation of the front sight atop the brake.  

5. Replacing the grip frame screws with a sturdier variety than the factory type (the factory grip frame screws have a tendency to fail with sustained use of high-power cartridges, including the .460 and .500 S&W Magnums).

For a total of $1,199 + return shipping.  

I want a .500 Bushwhacker BFR. What chambering should I start with?

While we often convert .500 Magnum BFRs, starting with another chambering is a viable alternative. The factory .500 Magnum chambers on the BFR are fairly large compared to our .500 Bushwhacker chamber, and a gun so converted will not receive the full benefit of the taper we've designed into our chamber. Also, factory BFR cylinders are heat treated after they are chambered, so some warping always occurs. While these factors are rather minor in the grand scheme of things, if the customer starts with a non-.500 BFR, a noticeably nicer chamber will result. 

If you provide a BFR chambered in a cartridge other than .500 S&W Magnum, expect an additional fee of $349 for the fitting and installation of a .50 caliber barrel blank. The suitable standard chamberings for our conversions are: .30-30 Winchester, .444 Marlin, .45/.410, .460 S&W Magnum, .450 Marlin (do note that the belt recess on the .450 Marlin is approximately .010" larger than the base diameter of the .500 Bushwhacker chamber and will not clean up in the rechambering process), or .500 S&W Magnum. Some of these chamberings are now manufactured in six shot configuration, so be mindful that only five shot cylinders are suitable for .500 Bushwhacker conversions

As .500 Magnum BFRs generally fetch a premium, there is often not a great difference in cost between starting with a .500 Magnum or another chambering, even after taking our barrel replacement fee into account. 

Our shop receives a large number of BFRs. Upon examination, we have in cases found the rifling on factory barrels to be as much as .015" out of concentricity with the outer dimension of the blanks. While this is not a concern to many customers, it can be avoided if the customer starts with a different (non-.500 S&W) chambering (rebarreling also gives the client a say in twist rate, barrel manufacturer, and barrel length, should he have special preferences). 

I want a .500 Bushwhacker BFR. Which grip frame should I select?

For all applications involving heavy recoil, we prefer the MRI plow handle grip frame (especially with the old-style Pachmayr grips) to the factory Bisley grip frame. Neither option is all that it should be, but we find that the Bisley grip frame, with its slick faux ivory panels and heavily rounded backstrap, exaggerates roll to an unhelpful extent in the larger chamberings. The factory Bisley grip panels are also much narrower than either the Hogue or Pachmayr plow handle grips. Note that the white polymer factory Bisley grip frame panels have a tendency to crack from the recoil impulse of the larger chamberings.

We expect the new generation of custom stainless steel grip frames currently under development at Ronnie Wells Custom Grip Frames will provide the ideal solution for those dissatisfied with the factory options. 

S&W X-Frame Tuning

Cylinder gap reduction service: $150 + return shipping of the firearm.  

See also the TII Muzzle Brake Adaptors and .500 S&W +L ammunition available in our store.    

Muzzle Brake Installation      

If you desire to install a muzzle brake on your firearm, we can accommodate a wide variety of pistols, revolvers, and rifles. Cost will vary depending on the nature of the job and the price of the brake installed. Consult us for feasibility and a quote.   

Ammunition Discount  

If you return the fired cases from our ammunition in good working order, we will discount the cost of the brass from any further ammunition loaded from the cases (the discount varies by caliber, and is specified in the respective product descriptions). While ammunition cannot be shipped by the Postal Service, inert brass cases can be. This is typically the most cost-effective way of returning fired cases. If you are interested in this option, contact us and we'll assist you with the process.    

Special Requests and/or Standard Gunsmithing Services 

Our services are not limited to this list, which we intend to expand with time. If you have a special request, there is a good chance we can assist you or refer you to someone better equipped to do so. In these cases, contact us for feasibility and a quote. It never hurts to ask.

Custom Bullets  

A wide variety of cast bullets are available on our sister site, Bengal Bullets. New bullet designs are available upon customer request.

Shipment Policy 

Due to current carrier policies, if you wish to send a firearm to us for customization or maintenance, it may only be shipped to us through an authorized FFL dealer and we must return it to you through an authorized FFL dealer. Unless otherwise requested, return shipments will be made through USPS. All shipments are made 'signature required.' It is best to use a business-hours address where someone will be able to take delivery without special scheduling or arrangements. When shipping, please follow these steps: 1. Remove rails, scopes, and other accessories not necessary to the work. Please make sure the gun is reasonably clean. 2. Package your firearms securely and insure them. See to it that they are unloaded. 3. For additional security when shipping, request a ‘delivery confirmation/signature required’ service. If you wish to verify arrival of your gun at our shop, please retain your package tracking number and contact your carrier. 4. Expect higher prices when shipping from and to Alaska and Hawaii. If you are interested in purchasing our products from outside the United States, contact us for feasibility. 

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